Driven maritime professional with 5+ years passenger vessel and port management experience of large and diverse fleets internationally. Highly knowledgeable in marine and port operations as well as business principles and accounting, staff management, and vessel safety policies and procedures. Additional 4 years of offshore experience on state of the art dynamic positioning vessels and unlimited tonnage private yachts. A resourceful and innovative self-starter who has an excellent sense of teamwork, a strong work ethic, and a positive personality.

Highly Experienced in:

  • Marine, port, and vessel operations
  • Engineering systems and management
  • Port facility management
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Government relations
  • International shipyards and refits
  • Project management
  • R&M/ CAPEX Budget management


professional Experience

Hornblower cruises – San Francisco, CA                                                                                      June 2015-Present

Director of Operations

Efficiently manage all HCE marine and port operations in Northern California; 11 vessels (largest vessel capacity 2,200 people), 4 port facilities, over 2500 vessel movements per year, and upwards of 150 operations staff and crew.

  • Advise upper management on Maritime regulatory affairs and compliance.
  • Oversee entire engineering department, direct resources for repowers to drive efficiency, and ongoing maintenance and improvements.
  • Investigate and advise on all vessel incidents, damage, personal injuries and insurance claims.
  • Enhance the quality and safety of the fleet and ports by performing regular internal safety audits and training, promoting a positive safety culture company wide.
  • Initiateprograms improving operational efficiency and strengthening safety culture.
  • Develop operations budgets, identified cost saving opportunities upwards of 7% of total annual operational budget.
  • Influential part of theExecutive LeadershipTeam, enhancing asset and operating integrity and corporate profitability.
  • Ensure vessels are crewed to comply with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Manage, measure and evaluate crew and vessel KPI’s on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement standard operating procedures and guidelines for the operation of a safe and environmentally sound fleet.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Supervise licensed and unlicensed crew, and foster career/skill development.


Paradise cove, llc 


Fleet Operations Manager

Fleet manager of a diverse fleet of privately owned and charter vessels in international locations with a rigorous schedule.

  • Managed several simultaneous yard periods and numerous employees during daily operation of a high speed ferry service based on the west coast of the United States.
  • Developed and implemented safety and emergency response systems, which ensured the overall safety of the vessel, crew, guests, and environment through drills, procedures, and preparation.
  • Ensured fleet compliance with local and international governing agencies as well as the USCG.
  • Took the lead in the purchase and sale of vessels, which included working closely with Legal advisors to set up LLC’s and documentation for the fleet.
  • Coordinated and executed an extensive preventative maintenance schedule on all vessels.
  • Exercised budget control and overall accounting for the fleet and reduced monthly spending by 17%.
  • Negotiated and executed multiple cost saving contracts for shipping the larger vessels internationally.
  • Executed safe and efficient heavy lift operations in multiple international ports.
  • Developed charter marketing media and successfully offset costs of operation.
  • Developed and implemented a safety and emergency response systems, which ensured the overall safety of the vessel, crew, guests and environment through drills, procedures, and preparation.
  • Ensured fleet compliance with local and international governing agencies as well as the USCG.


America’s cup event authority (ACEA/ACRM), llc.                


Guest Logistics Manager / VIP Vessel Fleet Manager / Dynamic Positioning Systems Advisor

Delivered a complete VIP experience to partners and invited guests of ACEA during the 34th America’s Cup.

  • Key responsibilities included the On-The-Water VIP Guest Hospitality Program, the On-Land Guest
    • Transportation Program, and logistics for over 500 guests daily.
  • Liaised with senior level USCG officials and supervised the on-the-water logistics of the VIP fleet.
  • Facilitated the On-The Water VIP Guest Hospitality Program by managing 17 crewed vessels daily.
  • Tasked with the procurement of suitable VIP charter vessels and worked closely with the ACEA legal team.
  • Project manager for a major refurbishment and USCG recertification of a vessel within a strict budget and timeline.
  • Recruited and managed upwards of 50 marine crew with diverse and challenging schedules.
  • Created a hands-on training program for vessel captains giving in depth advice and coaching on Dynamic Positioning operations.
  • Supervised loading, stowage, and inspected for damage over 150 containers and more than 30 vessels being transported onboard a chartered cargo vessel during multiple international voyages.




2nd Officer, Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Operator Dive Supply Vessel Semi-Submersible UNCLE JOHN and DSV ECLIPSE

Served as 2nd Officer and dynamic positioning operator onboard a key vessel in the Chevron’s hurricane restoration team, dismantling fallen rigs to preserve the sub sea environment.

  • Stood both navigational and dynamic positioning watches and liaised directly with Dive Control during saturation diving operations to convey operational limitations of the vessel with regards to the subsea project.
  • Maintained all navigational bridge equipment and charts and took a lead roll in ISPS and ISM audits.
  • Monitored and controlled the ship’s ballast management and power management systems.
  • Maneuvered the vessel into challenging positions for operational efficiency utilizing subsea survey equipment.
  • Took a lead roll during a 3 month shipyard period in Singapore managing and overseeing multiple vendors working onboard to ensure new modification met DNV classification guidelines.
  • Interacted and managed client’s expectations while on charter
  • Ensured the vessel maintained full compliance with ISM, IMO, local regulations and the onboard safety management system.



the california maritime academy – Vallejo, CA

  • Bachelor of Science, Marine Transportation, Marine Engineering (Q.M.E.D.), April 2008 with honors

Kongsberg maritime training center – Houston, TX

  • Advanced Dynamic Positioning Operator class
  • Nautical Institute Dynamic Positioning Operator Unlimited License

Licenses & certifications

  • Master of Steam or Motor Vessels—of not more than 1600 Gross Tons (3000 ITC) upon Oceans
  • Second Mate of Steam or Motor Vessel—of any Gross Tons upon Oceans, also Radar Observer unlimited
  • Qualified Member of Engine Department (QMED)—Deck Engineer, Junior Engineer, Oiler and Pump-man
  • Dual Citizenship (The Netherlands/ The United States)
  • STCW ’95 compliant with all accompanying certificates
  • Dynamic Positioning Officer, unlimited (DPO)
  • Company/Facility/Vessel Security Officer (CSO/FSO/VSO)
  • California State University Alumni council board member, appointed to represent Cal Maritime at the state level


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